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Now available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Hemolog is an infusion logging application for hemophiliacs. Discover how easy it can be to log and track your bleeds on the go.

Hemolog allows you to log your infusions on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as well as email them to your doctor, caregiver or to yourself for your records. Hemolog makes it easy to quickly create a new infusion log, save it and have the piece of mind that your log is now safe and secure.

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Want to know more about Hemophilia and how it affects people? Take a look at this article from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. Also, for even more information visit The Hemophilia Federation of America for videos and ways you can help by donating and volunteering.

Featured April 2010

Hemolog has been featured in HemAware Magazine, published by the National Hemophilia Foundation.

Featured October 2010

Hemolog has been featured at eyeforpharma.com.


  • Interact with your patient remotely.
  • Filter data with the touch of your finger.
  • Find target joints quickly.


  • iPhone, iTouch or iPad
  • Firmware 3.0+


Michael Schultz, is a patient of the bleeding disorder community. He is not affiliated with any company and provides Hemolog and Hemoglobe as free products to better the community as a whole.