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Mobile enhancements

Looks great on your desktop and mobile devices!

I designed Hemolog to be used anywhere. That meant building a web app verses an iPhone, Android, or some hybrid app.

The original Hemolog was built with the help of a contract developer. This time around I’ve designed and built everything from the ground up with the purpose of being the best place to store your infusion data and learn from it.

Hemolog for iPhone
Hemolog running on an iPhone 12
Pro tip:Visit Hemolog.com using Safari on your iPhone and click the icon, then scroll down to ’Add to Home Screen’ to create an app icon.
Hemolog app icon on iPhone
Hemolog app icon on iPhone
😎 Sneak peak of what’s coming next
Michael Schultz

Designed and developed by Michael Schultz in Oakland, California.

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Michael Schultz
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