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A brand new treatment type

It’s finally here. Monoclonal antibodies officially can treat hemophilia, giving us a new method of getting our medicine in our body and a whole lot more.

I never thought I’d say this, but I no longer simply infuse to treat bleeds. I also inject.

That might not sound like a huge difference off the bat, but I can assure you it is. Having to find a vein all the time is now a thing of the past, finally we can inject subcutaneously under the skin, like so many other people. I’m so excited for what this means for people with bad or damage veins and kids! It’s just lessens the burden so much.

Michael Schultz

Mobile enhancements

Looks great on your desktop and mobile devices!

I designed Hemolog to be used anywhere. That meant building a web app verses an iPhone, Android, or some hybrid app.

Michael Schultz

Hello world...again

Hemolog is back and better than ever

Hemolog is back! After 8 years, I’ve built a reincarnation of the old iPhone app Hemolog. This time around, it does a bit more than just storing your treatment logs. In this incarnation, Hemolog is now a web app and helps you understand your logs by giving showing you stats.

The original Hemolog was built with the help of a contract developer. This time around I’ve designed and built everything from the ground up with the purpose of being the best place to store your infusion data and learn from it.

Michael Schultz

Designed and developed by Michael Schultz in Oakland, California.

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Michael Schultz
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